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Travel Tips

It is generally very safe to travel around in Uthai Thani Province. The largely agricultural oriented community is friendly and open to visitors. There are, however, several things to keep in mind when travelling, not only in Uthai Thani, but in general:

Medical: Every city (Changwat) has their own local hospital. It is not customary that a doctor would come for a house- or hotel-visit. Instead one usually goes to the hospital, even for minor matters. Medicine can be bought at any pharmacy, with the most well stocked pharmacies again located in the hospitals. Generally, only the doctors speak English, but at the Manorom Christian Hospital in Chai Nat city, several foreign volunteers are there to help translate (English, Dutch, etc.). If you prefer not to have antibiotics prescribed, please inform the doctor about this clearly, since the usual treatment in Thailand includes (anti-biotic) medicines.

Insects: As in any tropical country, one has to protect oneself against mosquito bites. Both Malaria and Dengue fever do occur in Uthai Thani Province. Although the chances of infection are very low, one has to keep an eye on the possible symptoms, such as sudden high fever, combined with headaches (especially behind the eyes). If in doubt, go to see the doctor. They are used to detect and treat these tropical diseases in Thailand. It is advisable to use insect repellent lotion or stick several times a day.

Being close to Nature, one has the opportunity to meet many insects, among which ants are probably the most common. The ants come in many sizes, and the larger red ants can cause itchy spots when people are allergic to their bites. It is wise to carry around some cream to relief the itch.

Vaccinations: Please check with your hospital or clinic in your home country for the latest advise on vaccinations for tropical diseases in rural Thailand. Expatriates staying in Thailand usually already have had the necessary vaccinations. If in doubt, please consult your doctor.

Credit Cards/ATM: Most hotels, restaurants, shops, gasoline stations in Uthai Thani Province do not accept any credit cards. If credit cards are accepted, this is mostly limited to Visa and Mastercard, and a 3% surcharge can be incurred. It is advisable to stop over at ATM machines to get some cash. ATM machines usually operate 24/7 and are located at Bank Branches in every city (Changwat).

Self Drive: It is a real pleasure to drive around the beautiful country side roads. But keep an eye out for crossing animals and local forms of transport, since neither are used to the speeds at which people drive around Bangkok (the open unclogged roads are tempting to speed up after being stuck in traffic in Bangkok).

Eating out: The food in the hotel and restaurants in Uthai Thani is usually very fresh and well prepared, so no special precautions are needed. Vegetarian dishes can be ordered, but one has to make clear whether ingredients like fish-sauce and even eggs are all right. Because to many Thai people, "vegetarian" can mean only no meat.

Drinking water: One should generally not drink the tap water in Thailand. In restaurants in Uthai Thani, it is generally safe to order drinking water and ice. However, if you are in doubt, order bottled drinking water only, without ice. (The hotel provides several bottles of drinking water daily free of charge.)

If you feel any tips are missing, or if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask us.

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