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Self Drive

If you prefer to drive yourself with your own car, you can opt for a self-drive tour. This gives you the freedom to move around at your own pace and adjust your route according to your preference, or to what you discover on the way.


However, do be aware of the following:
1) Not many people in Uthai Thani can speak English, so a basic knowledge of the Thai language will help avoid getting lost.
2) The roads to a number of the more remote discoveries in the province, such as some waterfalls or Karen hill tribe villages, require a 4-wheel drive vehicle. A 2-wheel drive car with high ground clearance will also do the job in most seasons. Ask us for more details, when in doubt.


For GPS navigation:

Uthai Thani city is located at:  N 15 22.867' & E 100 01.378'

Ban Rai town is located at:  N 15 05.171' & E 99 31.386'


Below are examples of self drive trips, making it easy to combine visiting various attractions in Uthai Thani.



One day trip tip 1


Visit Wat Sangkas Rattana Khiri. Enjoy the view of the town from the hilltop and ring the auspicious bell. The temple is most well-known for its Devo Merit Making Festival. The ceremony was initiated to replicate the Buddhist legend in which Lord Buddha made his way back to earth after completing his visit to his Goddess Mother in heaven. Wat Sangkas was chosen to perform the ceremony because its setting and geography are close to the atmosphere of the Buddhist Legend. The temple, situated at the beginning of a mountain range, is also the oldest temple of the province.

Walk to an old market, cross the Sakaekrang River to Wat Ubosatharam, a beautiful historical place that lies on the bank of the river. The river is the lifeline of Uthai Thani city. Many people here still live on rafts like in ancient times.


Continue to an incense factory on Koh Tepo.



One day trip tip 2


Visit Wat Khao Wong and witness its magnificent scenery, a superb harmony between human-made architecture and nature. The temple is one of the most impressive religious attractions in Thailand. 

Continue to Banrai weaving village and Wat Pa Tang. About two centuries ago, people from Laos, known as Lao Krang, settled in the region bringing with them their weaving tradition. This cultural heritage has still been preserved unchanged until this day.


One day trip tip 3


Visit Hup Pa Tat Cave & Valley, where a range of mountains surrounding an isolated valley forms a distinctive natural area. Hup Pa Tat is one of the Unseen Thailand Attractions promoted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Continue to a rustic village where each piece of furniture is made from a tree’s root. This is a perfect place for buying high-quality teak wood products at a very reasonable price.


You can combine above trips to make a two-day or a three-day package. If you would like more information about travelling around Uthai Thani, feel free to contact us.


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