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Hup Pa Tat Cave & Valley article

Hup Pa Tat Cave and Valley has a distinctive natural feature worth visiting. It is a large valley covering an area of about 48,000 square meters. Surrounding the valley are limestone mountains, effectively isolating this valley from the surrounding flora and fauna. It is said that a long time ago this was an enormous cave, until the ceiling collapsed. Major limestone blocks scattered on the floor of the valley confirm this theory.


To reach the valley, one has to walk through a 60 meter long, corridor like, pitch-park cave, which is reached from the outside by walking up a path passing several Margoisa trees. Upon exiting the cave on the other side, it is as if one is entering a different time zone.


The valley, surrounded by high cliffs, receives limited sunlight, which reaches the ground only at midday. The limited sunshine has humidified the area to a great extent contributing to a wealth of flora. The thick jungle features gigantic shrubs of the genus Excoecaria that are similar to prehistoric trees. Because of this quality, Hup Pa Tat valley is sometimes known as a ‘Jurassic Park’. With some imagination, it is not hard to see Dinosaurs roaming this valley.

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