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Pu Wai Cave article

This spacious cave is famous for its remarkable stalactites and stalagmites which can be seen taking on various beautiful shapes. Some look like waterfalls, others like mushrooms, one looks like a Roman pillar and another one is similar to a Chinese God Statue!


One enters the cave from one side and exists on the other side of the mountain, approximately 300 metres apart. The walk up the mountain to the cave entrance, and back down from the cave's exit leads through a bamboo forest, interesting in itself.


Inside the cave, which is home to several breeds of bats, it is completely dark since there is no electricity for illumination. Visitors must bring along flash lights or rent them from officials on duty next to the car park. It is recommended to hire a cave attendant to accompany you throughout the cave. As the cave is completely dark and spacious, the cave attendant can point out the many worth-seeing dripstones, etc. which are scattered all over the place, and would likely be missed when traversing without assistance. Come and experience the cool temperatures in this spacious cave.

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